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cold reading " In   the   course   of   a   successful   reading,   the   psychic   may   provide most   of   the   words,   but   it   is   the   client   that   provides   most   of   the meaning and all of the significance." --Ian Rowland (2000: 60) Cold   reading   refers   to   a   set   of   techniques   used   by   professional manipulators   to   get   a   subject   to   behave   in   a   certain   way   or   to think   that   the   cold   reader   has   some   sort   of   special   ability   that allows   him   to   "mysteriously"   know   things   about   the   subject.   Cold reading   goes   beyond   the   usual   tools   of   manipulation:   suggestion and   flattery.   In   cold   reading,   salespersons,   hypnotists,   advert - ising   pros,   faith   healers,   con   men,   and   some   therapists   bank   on their   subject's   inclination   to   find   more   meaning   in   a   situation than   there   actually   is.   The   desire   to   make   sense   out   of   experi - ence   can   lead   us   to   many   wonderful   discoveries,   but   it   can   also lead us to many follies. The manipulator knows that his mark will be   inclined   to   try   to   make   sense   out   of   whatever   he   is   told,   no matter how farfetched or improbable. He knows, too, that people are   generally   selfcentered,   that   we   tend   to   have   unrealistic   views of   ourselves,   and   that   we   will   generally   accept   claims   about ourselves   that   reflect   not   how   we   are   or   even   how   we   really think we are but how we wish we were or think we should be. He also   knows   that   for   every   several   claims   he   makes   about   you that   you   reject   as   being   inaccurate,   he   will   make   one   that   meets with   your   approval;   and   he   knows   that   you   are   likely   to   remem -
ber the hits he makes and forget the misses. Thus,   a   good   manipulator   can   provide   a   reading   of   a   total stranger,    which    will    make    the    stranger    feel    that    the manipulator    possesses    some    special    power.    For    example, Bertram   Forer   has   never   met   you,   yet   he   offers   the   following cold reading of you: Some   of   your   aspirations   tend   to   be   pretty   unrealistic.   At   times   you   are extroverted,   affable,   sociable,   while   at   other   times   you   are   introverted, wary   and   reserved.   You   have   found   it   unwise   to   be   too   frank   in   revealing yourself   to   others.   You   pride   yourself   on   being   an   independent   thinker and do not accept others' opinions without satisfactory proof. You prefer a certain   amount   of   change   and   variety,   and   become   dissatisfied   when hemmed   in   by   restrictions   and   limitations.   At   times   you   have   serious doubts   as   to   whether   you   have   made   the   right   decision   or   done   the   right thing. Disciplined and controlled on the outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure on the inside.  Your   sexual   adjustment   has   presented   some   problems   for   you.   While   you have   some   personality   weaknesses,   you   are   generally   able   to   com - pensate   for   them.   You   have   a   great   deal   of   unused   capacity   which   you have   not   turned   to   your   advantage.   You   have   a   tendency   to   be   critical   of yourself.   You   have   a   strong   need   for   other   people   to   like   you   and   for them to admire you. Here's another reading that you might find fairly accurate about you:
People   close   to   you   have   been   taking   advantage   of   you.   Your   basic honesty   has   been   getting   in   your   way.   Many   opportunities   that   you have   had   offered   to   you   in   the   past   have   had   to   be   surrendered because   you   refuse   to   take   advantage   of   others.   You   like   to   read books   and   articles   to   improve   your   mind.   In   fact,   if   you're   not already   in   some   sort   of   personal   service   business,   you   should   be. You   have   an   infinite   capacity   for   understanding   people's   problems and you can sympathize with them. But you are firm when confron - ted   with   obstinacy   or   outright   stupidity.   Law   enforcement   would   be another field you understand. Your sense of justice is quite strong. The   last   one   was   from   astrologer   Sidney   Omarr.   He's   never   even met   you   and   yet   he   knows   so   much   about   you   (Randi   1982:   61). The first one was taken by Forer from a newsstand astrology book. Bron: Wikipedia